Insect conference

I and my partner, Mengthong was selected to join the insect conference at the royal university Phnom penh school. This conference is made to encourage Cambodia to research more about insect, because not a lot of people research about for one main reason is it is hard to research.

The conference last for three days but we only join for two days because it is almost time for holiday. On the first day of the conference we learn about insect, and we focus mainly on the order hymenoptera with bees and wasps. We also learn about taking picture of insect,  and learn how to catch insect and also practice to catch insect. On the second day we and the university students went to Kampong spue to catch insect in the wild. It was so fun catching the insect especially I found a wasp potter’s nest. We also see a waterfall.

I had learned a lot from this conference, I even learn about how to distinguish between bees and wasps. I remembered three easiest way to distinguish between bees and wasps. One way that we can distinguish by looking at their legs bee had bigger and hairy legs which waps don’t. The other way is looking at their eyes, they both have eyes with shape of oval, but wasp have kind of a bend of v shape in the middle. Last but not least is their prothorax, wasps has kind of triangular shape on their prothorax which bees don’t.f


Stem Competition

On October, 22, 2015 five students (Seyha, David, Souyeth, Sopor and Sythong) and two teachers (Karen and Phearun) went to the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) for the final round. In the final round there are nine groups. For the first game the five members from were split up, to the student get to know each other with the hand-on game of human knot. For the second game the student return to their team to compete with the other team about the ‘‘ One Minute to Win It’’ game. There are five games. The games are use your body to bounce the balloon using your body except feets and hands, blowing balls into a box, balance cuts and plate over each other, knox the cup on the table ball using air from balloon and flip the spoon into many different container with different point.

The last part was about creativity. The challenge was to design the marble mover using plastic tub, paper, tape, cardboard tube, flat sticks and plastic cups but we can also use the tray that all the material came in it.  The only rule is you can not touch the marble once the let it go and you have 25 minute. Almost all the team make their marble mover horizontally with the marble run through the tupe and came in plastic cup or tray and finish it in ten minutes. But Liger had not started building we were still disgusting what is our design. Then we all agree on building it like a maze. As we started building the staff, student and judges came around to watch us, because we were the only one who build it vertically. To this creativity we got bonus point and so Liger got the first place, the prize for the winner was $100 for Monument book.

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