Book Club

One of my After School Extension (ASE) this year is book club. In this book club, we read a book called “The brain that changes itself” by Norman Doidge. I find the book interesting for many reasons. (1) The book focuses on the brain which is what I like learning about. (2) The book has many interesting stories relating to the plastic brain. (3) One of the most courageous women (Barbara Arrowsmith) I know is also mention in the book. Barbara was born with a brain disability which limits her from understanding relationship, like reading a clock. However, she does not let lead the destiny of her life, she designed her own brain exercise and frequently challenge herself to do things out of her ability. Soon, her brain can function like anybody else’s, and now she working on making brain exercise for bran disabled kids. I also enjoyed reading about how neuroscientists are working towards curing brain disability or problems like autism.