Changing Cambodia 2014-2015

The change That I am thinking of changing Cambodia are brig back of Khmer culture, reduce rubbish throw on the ground, technology, education in Cambodia, tourism, economic and violent. The solution that I am thinking of is give more education to Cambodian, so they about the effect of the trash and violent, that they would understand that it is not good to that thing. I want to introduce technology to the Cambodian so it can make their job easier for example introduce them the technology to grow rice so they can make more yield and help economic in their family. I want to change economic in Cambodia by clean the country up make a better service for tourist, so when tourist come a lot. it help them make money. Some of the solution that I am thinking of I have share it to my friend and my sister. For the rubbish problem I try to promote it by telling them the affection of it but it not the change by going on trip sharation at Liger. The actual this year in Liger that I and Agriculture group is sharing the knowledge that we the about the new way to grow rice.