LMRT Trip | May 22-26

This was our last trip of this academic year—2018-2019. For the first time, we had the greatest visibility! We were able to conduct or survey and see how our structure has improved. We were able to see groupers and seagrass and new fishes that needed to be identified! Though the visibility was offering, the current wasn’t. We had two more second cohort joining us and one of them is boat sick. One of LMRT member, although not boats, also got sick with the perpetual strong current. After all, this is what real scientific research looks like. It’s about risk and giving our effort and time even when the result is unpredictable.

I can’t say enough how successful this trip has been. We worked together really well; everyone was aware of everything that was going on and available to offer a hand to those who needed it. We again help out with the dolphin survey and were able to spot dolphins. We did a beach clean up and collected a lot of trash at a location that hasn’t cleaned in a while. MCC now are able to get some bamboos on the island after running out for quite some time, so we put our hands on the cluster. We spliced and sliced the rope into a device that could be used for conservation and case study purposes! We left the island with big smiles on our faces.

Early morning dolphin survey.
Splicing rope to make ‘cluster.’
Water entry for our artificial block structure survey.


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