Animal Guide Description

Our exploration named Cambodia Animal Guide our goal is to make a guide book about the reptile, amphibian, mammal, fish, bird, and ecosystem our partner id Art In A Box organization.Our exploration focuses mainly on research about animals and ecosystem in Cambodia and put into a note by using many different websites into our own word. When our exploration ended we still haven’t published our book so we continued to work in literacy time. After everyone almost finishes their research we have an art teacher came from New York name Val she works for Art In A Box to teach us how to paint animal using watercolor. Our group has a lot of animals so we ask another student to help us paint. Val had taught us how to draw bird and mammal using shape and taught us some cool technique.

Art pictures

Trip to ACCB

To learn more about animal we also went on some trip to learn about animal with the expert. One of our trip was going to ACCB (Angkor Center Conservation of Biodiversity.)
At ACCB we learned about primate, and we learned that ACCB rescue animals then they train the animal to be wild next they put them back in the wild.


These is an example what I learned at ACCB.

I learned that primate are divided into two groups

Haplorhini     |       Strepsirhini

monkeys        |        lemurs

apes                 |        lorises

tarsiers           |       galagos

  • Siting on roof of the boat

To start my research about clouded leopard first I use the website from a document that we share that have a lot of good website to research about animals. After I knew the scientific word for the clouded leopard Neofelis nebulosa I started to find my own website to use. For every single website that I used I wrote it in the source document and also took note so later if I need more information I can go back and look at it.


Resource document


Source document for my clouded leopard


Note document


Comment to fix


I also include the map to make it clear.

Before publishing the book we had been working a lot on characters count, because we realize that we don’t have enough space in our book to put all those information that we want to give to the audience. Our strategy was to change the wording for example, instead of saying “Sarus crane is the tallest flying bird in the world.” we say “Sarus crane is the tallest bird on earth.”After a lot of hard work on the Animal Guide book, our team eventually publish


download-1After a lot of hard work on the Animal Guidebook, our team eventually publish the book. Overall the time we’ve been researching we had learned a lot of new things and new vocabularies.