Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

This year is the year that I felt very proud of myself. I got involved in a project that could possibly change the whole country. It was the Project Evaluation exploration. In this exploration I and my team has to work to evaluate whether Project-based learning could be implemented in Cambodian public school or not. My team work with the other two teams which are STEM and the Project-based learning team. The two teams are working to introduce the learning method to public while my team is evaluating.It was challenging but no matter my team won’t give up. We’ve done a lot of interviewing and also collecting data. When we finished the evaluation, the result turn out very beautiful. The result shows that it is positive to implement Project-based learning method in Cambodia. Then the government would look at the evaluation result and decide whether they want to implement the learning method in public school. This exploration make me feel like I could change the whole country.The other exploration is the 3D Design In Public School exploration. This is also an exploration to change the learning curriculum. In this exploration I and my team are trying to implement 3D design into the public school. The reason we want to implement 3D design in the public school because the resource schools in Cambodia didn’t use the computer for any particular reason, the students are learning how to type.