Bone research

In my learning time I had an hour to two hours a week to work on my independent discovery. My independent discovery is about learning about bone. To have an independent discovery I had to make a proposal. After seven weeks of researching, I had learn a lot. Here are some fact that I had learn:

Interesting bone fact

1. The axial skeleton has 80 bones.
2. The appendicular skeletal section has 126 bones.
3. The area of our body with the most bones is the hand, fingers and wrist where there are 54 bones.
4. Calcium is very important for our bones and helps keep them strong and healthy
5. X-ray machines let doctors see your bones. If you break your bone, it can grow together again if you keep it still. Somethime you might have to
wear cast so your bone can grow again.
6. Babies have soft bones. As they grow their bones grow stronger.
7. Skulls are made out out 22 bones.
8. Spines are made out of 33 bones.
9. Humerus is the largest bone in our arm.
10. The smallest bone in human body is the stapes bone in the middle of the ear.

What are bones made out of?
Bones are mostly made out of matric. Matrics are in part of the mitochondria. Toenail and fingernails are grow from matric. Bones form by the matric wrap around the cell. The main tissue in the bone is Osseous tissue or Bone tissue. Bone tissue from rigid that build up the skeleton. The bone tissue is hard and light.

How many groups of bone are there?

Humans born with about 270 bone. The bones in our body decreases when adulthood to 206 when bone are fused together. Bone are divided into two groups Axial and Appendicular skeletons. Axial skeleton is formed by vertebral column, rib cage and skull. Appendicular skeletons which is attached to Axial skeleton is formed by pectoral girdle, pelvic girdle and upper and lower limbs.



What are the bone functions?


Bones have six functions are support, protection,  movement, stor ions, mineral, fat and endocrine regulation and produce red and white blood cell. Bones help to support our body without bones hunda can’t stand up, human will be like a protist and help to support our lung so it not collapse . Bones help with our movement with the muscle. They help protect our organs for example skull help to protect our brains and eyeballs and middle and inner ears. Bones are really important for us because they conduct vibration that allow us to hear. The bone marrow which is in the middle of the bone produce red and white blood cell. Fat acids are stored in yellow bone marrow to reserve energy when needed.Tissue in bones are capable to remove heavy metal other toxin from the blood to store away from the organ and slowly released from the body.

Here are the sources that I use to research:\\\\