Project Evaluation

The project evaluation team works with the Project based learning and STEM exploration. Which these two exploration are introduction the new learning method to the Cambodian public school. Our team is a little different . We are evaluating, if it positive to implement these learning method into the public school. To evaluate we have three main criterion. They are relevancy applicability and result and outcome. In relevance we evaluate if it appropriate to do the project in the public school. In applicability we evaluate is the project feasible in every public schools, and last result and outcome. After we have criterion we make question to help us evaluate the criterion. Then we interview the students, teachers and the head-master in the school. After we get the data we fill it in the sheet and write some sentences about the data we get. Then when we got we data for both when before and after the project started. It turns out that the project is positive. Finally we present the result to the secretary of state.

Here are some photos of data collection:




In the entrepreneurship exploration I and my friends are learning how to run a business. We had a plan to run a chilli sauce business. Our big goal in this exploration is to make a business plan that we can pitch to investors. Every day we would spend our time learning some vocabulary and concept about running a business. Some of the concept we learned are price segmentation which means to offer a similar product so you can make price level. Some words that I learn are fixed and variable cost, fixed cost means that it does not change based on how much you produce but variable cost does. In order to run a business takes a lot of work, so we had divided our groups into three small teams. The teams are marketing/advertising, recipe development and market research. I was in marketing/advertising. Every day my team have a quick meeting about what should we work on that is really helpful. Some of the works we’ve done are writing blog post, go round and let people taste our chilli sauce, and making an advertising video.