Literacy, Reading and Writing 2016-17

In literacy class, we mainly focus on reading and writing. In class, we read a play called “Pygmalion”. After every chapter, we had to answer the questions using the literacy skill that we’ve learned in class. We also have the book club groups, where we form teams based on our reading level. Every Monday we would discuss our book and the goal for next week also dividing up the jobs . We have four jobs for; story mapper, vocabulary finder, summarizer, and question maker, which we will use to discuss every Monday during literacy.

At the end of the Pygmalion play, everyone had to find a pair to work on answering questions from the play with projects. My partner, Makara and I choose to make a project-cube. First, we answer the question together and started to divide it into six pieces in order to turn it into a cube. When everyone finishes their project we come together and share what we have made. There were varieties of forms of presentation. There were project-cubes, presentation, song, poem, posters and many more project. It was fun learning literacy.