Literacy class

In literacy class I learn how to pronounce the English clearer, because it is not my first language. In order to improve I had had to read touge twist some article and record my voice then compare it with the native speakers. Also I had to write down the words that I had difficulty pronouncing it.
Here are the word that I have difficulty with:

Beside these I also read a limerick, then I had to try to make my own limerick.

Here are my limerick:


There is an animal called liger.

It comes from a lion and tiger.

Ligers don’t like to eat pork.

But they like to eat dog.

so they would spend their time eating a schnauzer.


There was a black and white cow.

she doesn’t like to eat grass some how.

maybe she is sick.

or she’d like to eat twigs.

she is a good cow, she makes milk for the whole house.