LMRT Trip | April 24-28

We’re back on the land!!

We just got back from our Khmer New Year holiday; what a great way to spend the beginning of a new school term! We depart to the island earlier than usual to join MCC for their football match. Some of our team members join the friendship football match, while some other (Venghour and I) did a live video to cast the “competition.” It was a lot of fun; before we knew it, it was time to hit the boat to the island.

I was excited to do the survey, but the weather didn’t allow that. Most days, we could barely see anything at all; the sea was always clouded by sediment. Even then, we were still productive. We did beach clean—as always—and discuss our plan for this research team. We joined the Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project for their dolphin survey and spotted dolphins!!! We even did a live video for the dolphin survey; Venghour and I (again) were the hosts. It was very raw; I ran around taking the angle of the dolphin from the boat while shouting in the phone. I was very excited to see dolphins and communicate to the world of what we are doing.

  • Hosting Facebook Live video for the friendship football with Venghour.

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