Math Round 2 | Pre-calculus

In this round, we start our pre-calculus class. We start with a review of functions and quadratic equations, then move to a more advanced math as we proceed in our class. Throughout our class, we do a lot of independent work to allow each and every one of the students to work through the lessons with our own pace within a time constraint. One way we archive this was using the online platform to practice math, particularly Khan Academy. On this platform, we practiced solving the following: functions, polynomials, rational relationship, exponential growth and decay, exponential and logarithmic functions, radical relationship, and trigonometry. Below are some pictures of what the exercises on Khan Academy look like.


Another way students were allowed their own space to learn is, we are given an assignment for a span of time. Within this time, students get to decide the time to do their work and the focus of their study for this class within this time.

Nevertheless, we work together a lot. When there is a challenging problem we find either in our textbook or on an online platform, we would bring it to class and look at it together. This way, we can solve the problem better and faster. From time to time, we all shine in a different way when solving the problems, because we have our strength and skills. I, for example, am really good at seeing and visioning shapes in my head, other students are good at other things, for instance, seeing relations between equations. Others are good at recalling principle and laws that we learned to apply it to problems and solve it all together. Whenever we solve a problem in class together, it is my favorite part because it feels like bringing different experts to solve a  complex math problem. On that note, we help each other learn and grow as a math student.

Math Round One | SAT Pratice

Just like English literacy class this round, our math class is also dedicated to preparing for the SAT. In class, we spend our time independently practicing math through Khanacademy or questions from past SAT tests posted on College Board website. However, when any of us (students) encounter a challenging question, we would discuss it with our facilitator, Jeff, or with the whole class if we feel like everyone will benefit from it. Up until now, we had been sharing short-cuts around questions to help us save time in solving the problems, and reviewing concepts that we vividly remember. Those concept review includes: unit circle, circle theorems,  circle equation, special triangles, functions, quadratic equation, and polynomials.

An example of what an exercise on khan Academy look like.