Pharmaceuticals Lab

During this unit three of our chemistry class, we focus on molecule and bonding types. Within this time span, we did a lab that is not really related to our focus but was a lot of fun. The lab we did was on pharmaceutical drugs, where we test for different properties that they possess such solubility, pH, and their reaction with “stomach acid” in which we used vinegar as a replacement.

After our many tests and data collection, we write an analysis of why we think the drug was made to have the specific properties they have, and why the solubility of the drug is important.

Through this lab, we were able to practice our lab-conducting skills and critical thinking skills. I really like a random lab in a unit like this, because it opens a span of view of how fun chemistry can be.


Cabbage Ph Indicator Lab

Because my class is ahead of schedule, we were given a choice to design and run our lab. After some discuss, the class came to a consensus agreement to perform the cabbage PH indicator lab with a question: does the amount of solution added to the indicator solution affect the result? To learn more about the lab, click on the link below. Please keep in mind that the result from this lab should not be taken seriously.  

Cabbage Ph Indicator – Lab report_ Sythong